We create and secure trustworthy smart contracts for Play to Earn games, guaranteeing safety of players assets and progress, as well as
formal verification for GAMEFI SMART CONTRACTS
Cheating is unavailable - smart contract acts 100% correct against formal specification
Honesty and uniformity of the gameplay for all players
Eliminating vulnerabilities leads to impossibility of exploite and protects the main part of game - player
Absence of chance of losing assets, money or game results
Lack of security may lead to irreparable consequences
Restraining the growth of players community
we can change the situation
using formal verification of smart contracts
Analysing trends of past few years we can conclude - the core obstacles for the growth of Play to Earn project - heists and hacks. Count of attacks on GameFi increases year to year, as well as financial losses.
Focusing on constant security testing, instead of adding new features
Brand reputational losses
Financial risks, up to the bankruptcy of the project
Protected systems
Ask us for the details and we’ll make it worth your time.
Interested in unprecedented security for GameFi smart contracts?
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