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Our embedded DSL created to represent specification and code to Coq proof assistant
Experience in application of formal verification
15+ years
Securing smart contracts with formal verification
4+ years
We are startup, applying formal methods to make smart contracts secure and trustworthy
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Pruvendo performed formal verification of smart contract for our DEX As a result we received a very detailed document that included both specification of all our smart contracts and security flaws/suggestions. We found work done by Pruvendo to be of excellent quality, the team is very professional. We would definetely use Pruvendo again. In fact we will continue to use Pruvendo after our developers modify core exchange smart contracts.
Mitja Goroshevsky, founder of GOSH, Everscale Architect
I am working with Pruvendo team for almost 5 years. All system smart contracts of Everscale blockchain and all GOSH smart contract have been reviewed and formally verified by Pruvendo. They have created amazing tools for automating large chunks of Formal Verification process. Pruvendo is utmost professional and innovative approach produced results that are just 100%. I don't know of any vulnerability found in any of the software they have verified.
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